Leadership Development, Educational Consultancy
and Coaching

OpenMinds was born out of a desire both to challenge and to serve high potential leaders. We are all naturally programmed to learn, and when connected to authentic purpose we are all capable of stepping fully into leadership. OpenMinds combines leadership development with coaching to increase awareness, to open up perspectives and opportunities, and to create lasting development options for internationally focused individuals and organisations.

“If you want to lead you must learn, if you want to continue to lead you must continue to learn”

– J.C Maxwell

OpenMinds is passionate about developing CARING, CREATIVE and highly COMPETENT leaders, particularly in the field of education and for people and organisations facing key transitions.


I offer leadership development, coaching and consultancy services, bringing “fresh air” to create space for you and your team to challenge and go beyond what you thought possible.


I reconnect you to the values that have resonated in your journey so far, and explore how they support your choices to build highly effective interactions with others.


I offer a range of approaches to analyse the current situation, to identify behaviours, skills and competencies, and to provide targeted and practical support to reach goals. Together we focus on what you need to do and who you need to be in order to be fully effective.

What’s next?

Please call or email me to arrange a sample session or to fix a conversation about where you are now and what is possible.