About Louise Penrice

I was drawn to learning and development by a keen interest in how different methods across the world impact the motivation and effectiveness of how we learn, and with a strong belief that each individual is naturally curious, creative and resourceful. My motto is ‘Let Life be Rich’ and I want to bring this richness into the lives of others.

Louise Penrice

Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the USA I enjoy the meeting of different cultures, and the surprises and energy that cultural awareness brings. Each new move has created challenges and learnings, bringing a richness, as well as the opportunity to make more conscious choices about the next transition.

Based in Switzerland I currently work with clients across Europe. A former Head of a bilingual school in Switzerland, I have an MBA and have worked as a consultant developing leaders in larger organisations. I am a qualified professional coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation and a certified practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° feedback assessment.


After a career spanning some 30 years in a global organisation, it is easy to believe there is no one individual that can help you with leadership and its various complexities. How wrong was I. I started working with Louise during a period of great change in my professional life, thinking an “outside-in” perspective might help me. Louise impressed me greatly with her calmness, acute listening skills and an intuitive approach that made you think about issues totally differently. I was quite amazed that issues I believed were very complex were so well simplified by Louise, and in such a way that made a tangible difference to my working day.
I consider myself fortunate to know and work with Louise, someone who has made a big difference to my overall well-being and leadership.

– Sue, Dow Europe

I was introduced to Louise at the perfect time. I was leaving the comfort of a secure job to set up a business in a completely new field by myself. I was lucky to find myself meeting with Louise every two weeks on Skype for valuable support, filling in the gap that a team may offer with her enabling approach, which helped me to prosper.

I utilised the sessions to bounce ideas off and gain confidence in the work I was embarking on. I trusted her honest, dynamic and open approach. Her positivity was a real boost, while also making me accountable to keep moving forward with my business.

I also brought personal issues to her, which I hadn’t planned. But she understood that working on these paved the way for more effective business planning and delivery. This was very helpful. I would recommend her and wish her well in her opening up of other’s minds!

-Janine, SME Owner

Louise coached me for 3 months. I soon became aware of shifts I needed to make. The coaching brought up some past issues that needed addressing and gave me clarity on what I needed to do in order to achieve certain personal goals. Louise is a wonderful coach and although we touched on some very personal subjects I didn’t feel uncomfortable and she provided me with a safe and open space to discuss and explore. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for deeper clarity and those needing to make transitions in key aspects of their life.

– Natasha, Business Owner, UK