Coaching creates that space to explore where you want to be in your personal or business life and supports you in finding the inner resources to get there. If you want to live a life where you feel valued, balanced and fulfilled – coaching is for you

Together we will identify key values, expand personal and workplace goals and relationships, identify and move aside self-limiting beliefs to refocus your energy on what is really important to you.

I offer three types of personal coaching:

Our coaching sessions can be face-to-face, on the telephone or via a video link; designed to suit personal preferences and schedules.

Coaching through Transitions

Do you lead an international life or live or work in a multi-cultural environment? Are you looking to change jobs or to set up your own business? Have you recently moved and facing difficulties in adjusting to culture, managing relationship from afar and overwhelmed by the sense of newness? Coaching will connect you with who you are, where you want to be and how best to approach the transition to optimise the experience and outcome.

Possible Transition Coaching Focus

• Starting your own business
• Building networks/professional connections
• Integrating in the community
• Cultural awareness/Intelligence
• Personal/Professional development

Coaching for Educators

Do you want to be a caring, creative and competent leader who delivers on their vision for education? Have you assumed a new team or school leadership position and want to be quickly effective? Do you wish to reconnect to what brought you to education in the first place? Are you looking for a move to school leadership and need a boost to get you there?
Coaching will increase your awareness of your authentic-self and how to lead from this position, increasing your effectiveness in working with the many different parties involved in the school environment.

Possible Education Coaching Focus

• Developing leadership competencies and styles
• Connecting to your vision of education
• First 120 Days as a School/Team Leader
• Managing effective teams
• Developing/ maintaining a shared school culture
• Work/life balance/establishing priorities
• Managing conflict
• Developing school-based communities

Individual Life Coaching

Do you want to develop yourself or change something in your life? Are you feeling stuck in a rut or want to see things with a fresh perspective but are not sure how to get there? Do you want to prioritise and seek better balance in some areas of your life? Coaching will connect you to what is important about who you are and what you do, open up choice and support you in more conscious decision making in order to live a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Possible Individual Life Coaching Focus

• Life’s journey, current to future self
• Identifying and living values
• Creating the right environment around you
• Identifying negative self beliefs and connecting with positive energy
• Life Balance: work, friends, recreation
• Improving relationships

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