My Motto ‘Let Life Be Rich’

Let gives us permission to pause and create space, to value who we are, to be aware of what is going on around us and be conscious in our decision making.

Life is a bubbling stream that cuts a path through the rock and carries us forward. Life is the whole story, we want to control it and measure it out. However, life won’t be caged, it shines its light brightly with purpose, where it chooses.

Be not always in my head, be happy, be fulfilled, be angry and recognise anger as an emotion over which we have control. Be more.

Rich speaks of dark chocolate, autumn leaves, children’s laughter, the sharing of smiles between cultures and the sense of undiscovered possibilities. The beauty of richness is something different to each of us. Your richness is unique in the world.

We forget to stop and see that we are living our lives right now, at this very moment.
And so, I shall stop, pause… and ‘Let Life Be Rich’.
Please join me.

What’s next?

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