Educational Consultancy

The business of schools is to focus on the successful development of its students, in order to best prepare them for their future lives. In an increasingly complex and fast changing world, school leaders are not only faced with the curriculum challenges of what to learn for the future workplace, but face numerous other issues including: teacher recruitment needs, a myriad of policies and administrative tasks, discipline and student motivation, funding and stakeholder demands, diversity, as well as harnessing effective use of fast changing technology.

These issues often take the attention away from the successful development of the students and from the very reason why individuals became educators in the first place. Leadership is a complex and sometimes lonely place. It is not surprising that it is difficult for school leaders to know on which of multiple issues to focus, and how best to make a positive, effective and lasting impact.

OpenMinds provides a bespoke coaching and consulting service to increase the effectiveness and impact of current and future leadership teams in schools.

Below is a list of recent services; you are a conversation away from creating your own individualised project:


Facilitation of Vision and Strategic Planning
Curriculum Development: Integrating national and international learning goals to create a cohesive curriculum.
Language Support Policy
Developing Leadership Culture


Individualised coaching sessions, including Leadership development coaching and the First 120 Days as a School/Team Leader. Click here to learn more about coaching.


Organisational Culture for Greater Impact
Leadership Development
Creating a Culture of Coaching

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